Live casino

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What is a live casino online? Well, let’s find out because a live casino is one of the hottest trends in casino gaming these days. In the live casino, you are greeted by a range of games on selected games where there are live dealers. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time. Who doesn’t want the real casino feeling even though they are not in a land-based casino? So, how does live casino work; soon, you will know everything.

Live casino games

Live casino is as close to land-based casino gaming as you can get online. Roulette, poker and blackjack are just a few examples of the games you will find in the game selection.

There is a dealer just like there is when you play at land-based casinos. The difference here is that the dealer is available via video link. The feel of the live casino games gives a feeling of being at a land-based casino.

Differences between online and live casino

Live casino, what is it? Well, here, there are games that you play like any other casino game. The main difference here is that there is a real dealer instead of a pre-programmed computer. So you play against a real dealer here.

The games are live-streamed, the game table is displayed, and you also have the opportunity to chat with the other players or the dealer. One of the goals of a live casino is to make it real. That is, it should feel like you are in a land-based casino.

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Pros and cons of a live casino?

Any sluggish internet connection is not recommended if you are keen to chat with the live dealer or the other players. Check your internet connection before you get started.

If you compare live casino and land-based casino, live casino is much easier and faster. You can get instant answers to your questions and start playing quickly when you feel like it.

It’s also a quieter environment than land-based casinos, which tend to be more crowded. You also have to comply with certain rules, such as the dress code at the brick-and-mortar casinos. If you play online, no one can control the location or your attire.

There is more focus on the game and the gaming experience instead of rules about how to behave and the people around you. Accessibility is also great for live casinos, as it becomes possible to play wherever you are and even from different devices.

If you feel that you want life, movement, and the social aspect of live casinos is not enough, then the land-based casinos might be better for you.

What is a live dealer?

The live dealer works in the same way as a physical dealer at a land-based casino.

At a live casino, however, you see the dealer with the help of a webcam. Here you have the possibility to chat with this dealer. Thus, the feel should reflect the social aspect of a land-based casino.

The goal of these live dealers is to give the player a realistic experience. Therefore, the companies give the live dealers the same instructions and guidelines as those working in a land-based casino. Some of the rules are that the dealer should communicate clearly so that all players feel comfortable. The dealer is the host, and they should create strong relationships that keep players coming back.