Honza Pokorny

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



I’m a full-stack web developer. I mainly program in Python, Clojure, Go, and Javascript professionally, and enjoy learning other languages in my free time. I enjoy server automation and devops, and I also like the interactivity of the frontend. Whatever needs to be done, I like to tackle it head on.

Open source

For a list, please see the Projects page and my GitHub account.


Programming language theory, parsers, compilers, chess engines, distributed systems, concurrent programs, logic programming, machine learning


Python, Javascript, Clojure, Haskell, Golang, Rust


  • Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat
    • February 2016–Present
    • Python, Javascript, Openstack
  • Lead Developer at Publet
    • August 2013–February 2016
    • Clojure, Django, Angular, DevOps
  • Software Developer at StrataLabs
    • April 2013–August 2013
    • Django
  • Software Developer at Participatory Culture Foundation
    • April 2012–March 2013
    • Django developer on the Amara subtitles team
  • Software Developer at Survey Planet
    • April 2012–June 2012
    • Javascript developer
    • Frontend and backend
  • Software Developer at SheepDogInc
    • November 2010–March 2012
    • Custom Django applications
    • Xobni gadgets (Javascript-heavy; MVC)
    • Gmail contextual gadgets
    • Pluggable Django apps
    • Worked both as part of a team and alone on projects
    • Worked in a highly collaborative environment
  • Freelance Software Developer
    • March 2010–September 2010
    • Custom Google App Engine work


  • Bachelor of Divinity, University of Aberdeen, UK


MJ Coren, CEO at Publet (March 2016)

Honza’s analytical and coding skills put him in a category of his own. Functional programming, python, tweets and even javascript: he does them all well. Honza has identified, assessed and solved complex problems so many times without breaking a sweat, I learned my confidence was never misplaced. You’re in good hands.

Steve Losh, senior developer at Amara

Honza’s a great programmer who can handle whatever you throw at him (even the particularly hairy stuff). His ever-expanding list of programming languages shows that he’s always improving and trying to find better ways to get things done.

Craig Zheng, Product director at Amara

Honza is by all measures a fantastic programmer—efficient, thorough, organized, knowledgable. But what stands out above all else when you work with him is his curiosity and his drive. He has a thirst for learning and discovery. He approaches every task with the enthusiasm of someone about to learn something life-changing, and as a result you get much more than careful, meticulous work. You get someone who goes above and beyond—who asks incisive questions, devises creative solutions, and constantly brings new knowledge and new ideas to a team. He makes the people around him better, and I can’t think of any quality more important than that.

Nick Sergeant, front-end web developer at Amara

Honza is a great programmer with a serious attention to detail. Integrating him into our team was a seamless process and he began producing immediately. His curiosity shines through with his side projects and it always sparks ideas and collaboration with the team. Honza + programming = win!

Arthur Debert, senior developer at Amara

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Honza daily for the past year. In that time, I’ve seen Honza tackle complex problems smartly and get things done. He’s able to dabble in various stacks and is always learning new things.

Nicholas Reville, executive director at Amara

Honza is an outstanding developer, with great attention to detail, engaging team spirit and a lot of focus. He gets things done. Highly recommended!

Adam Thurlow, software engineer at SheepDogInc

I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Honza since he started at SheepDog. He’s an adroit developer who’s always willing to put in the extra effort to learn something new or solve a challenging problem. Although quite talented, he is ever humble often touting I’m just the junior developer or What do I know? I didn’t go to CS school.. Honza is very forward-looking and is always evangelizing the gems he stumbles upon. This passion and persistence about new technology has made a resounding impact on how our team works together.

Ron Singer, Senior Project Manager at SheepDogInc

I had the pleasure of working with Honza at SheepDog on several custom software development projects. Honza is a highly skilled developer who can solve complex coding issues while providing high quality results accepted by the customer. Honza has superb customer facing skills. A real team player always supporting other team members. I was impressed by Honza’s quest for continuous improvement by offering countless best practice tips and information to Developer Group. I would highly recommend adding Honza to your team.

David Wolfe, R & D Team Lead at SheepDogInc

Honza is sharp. Really sharp. And very friendly. He keeps up with the open-source community. If I ever want to know what’s new, he’s the first person I turn to. And, of course, his code is great.

Mark Long, AppDev director at SheepDogInc

Anything Honza lacks in formal background, he more than makes up in natural talent and unadulterated passion for writing great software. We quite literally hired Honza on the spot, and he was writing production ready code for a complex application days later. Honza is a true evangelist for all things open-source, and he constantly pushed us ahead of the curve by promoting better practices and technologies. I would recommend Honza wholeheartedly to any shop looking for a young, bright engineer that will undoubtedly put his dent in the industry as whole.


I’m originally from the Czech republic. I’m married to a Canadian and have three children. When I’m not programming, I enjoy photography, movies and GeoCaching.